Edwin Mullins

Edwin A. Mullins

For Music with Soul

Welcome to the music of Edwin Mullins 

A passionate composer and arranger of music.  

Doing commissioning of Brand New compositions

Arrangements of any music. Versatile musician composing in classical, gospel jazz, pop, orchestral music and much more!!

IN SOUTH AFRICA- If you want the complete score please deposit R80 into the following account and send POP to edwinmullins@gmail.com

Capitec bank, E.Mullins, Acc.1476819163, Code 470010, Ref(your name).

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Latest sheet music
Love is
Religious / Christian
When peace with the Father
Religious / Christian
Come to life's pure fountain
Religious / Christian
The Fruits of the Spirit
Religious / Christian
Two hearts one love
Religious / Christian
The Glory of the New Jerusalem
Religious / Christian
Lord, bless now our vow
Religious / Christian
Joyfully singing
Religious / Christian
It is the Spirit
Classical / Choral music
He knows
Religious / Christian
06 January 2020, News
New organmusic
Watch this space for organ music
20 June 2014, Article
Free Arrangements
1. Blest are they- Choir,piano/organ, violin 2. At the living altar-Choir.piano/organ 3. Fruit of the labours- Organ , choir 4. Our hearts sing with joy-choir, organ 5. Just as I am-organ 6. I have a home beyond the river-choir,organ ...
05 June 2014, Article
DVD/CD performances
Contact The New Aposolic church for a copy of Edwins performances.